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Weaving words for your loved one

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Woven Words is primarily a service focused on you and your loved-one. Finding out as much as I can about them through calls and contact with family and close friends, so the words spoken, any readings and music and all other aspects of the funeral reflect their beliefs and values as well as your vision. Your input is of the utmost importance to me as we work together on the creation of the funeral service to honour and say goodbye to your loved-one. This page goes into a little more detail about what you can expect during this process.





The Green Fuse approach, and my approach too, is to listen deeply to what each family wants, and compose a beautiful and bespoke ceremony from these conversations. There may be anecdotes and stories from every aspect of their lives, some of which you may choose to share at the funeral. It is often a highly joyful part of the funeral, an opportunity to learn something new about the deceased and helps those present make a connection with the deceased and carry forward memories that will comfort them in the months and years to come.

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Writing and planning

Woven words funeral service performed by celebrant. Dandelions looking bright.

Planning a memorable and unique funeral service starts by talking about the deceased, sharing what made them tick, what their thoughts and feelings were, how they lived their life, their beliefs and values. In this way, we can select music, poetry, readings, and anything else that might best reflect and celebrate them. A well written eulogy within the service doesn’t have to dominate a ceremony, and it doesn’t have to be delivered in a single reading; it can complement a service and highlight any element of the deceased’s personality or their life. Whether you wish the funeral service to incorporate humour and wit or something more serious and philosophical, or a mix, I am here to weave all elements together and create a unique and special service.





Each funeral service being different, and each personality and family having different needs, means it is best to ask for a quotation. However, my prices start from £200. Whether you are looking for a non-religious funeral celebrant or want a mix of religious and non-religious elements within the service, I am happy to oblige and make sure your loved one’s funeral is unique and of which you can be proud.

Your Service

I will provide you with a draft of your loved one's funeral service, so that if you wish to make any alterations you can. As a Green Fuse trained funeral celebrant, I am experienced and sensitive to the needs of the family and friends of your loved-one, so I will never say anything unless it has been agreed prior to the service.  For anyone choosing to speak at the funeral I will support them and step in to deliver their words if the emotion of the day overcomes them. I will always do my utmost to ensure that my delivery is clear, engaging and sincere, and in doing so does justice to the memory of the deceased.