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Finding the right words for your funeral service






Pippa Farrington: an independent funeral celebrant

Woven Words, Funeral officiant in Cardiff, shines a light on the life of the deceased.

From my own personal experience, I am especially aware of the healing power of a good funeral. Having support and guidance from a caring and professional individual can make all the difference to a funeral service. Together we can create and deliver a beautiful funeral for your loved one that will honour their memory and of which you can be proud.

My background is in law, where I am familiar with reviewing and producing accurate, professionally written documentation within strict timeframes. My passion however, lies in the Arts, and in the Theatre, which allows my creative side to come to the fore in both the creation and delivery of each funeral service.

I was first inspired to train as a funeral celebrant after attending the funeral service of a much-loved family member. I was surprised by the impact their work made to the funeral, and to helping those in grief connect with their loved-one. I later trained with Green Fuse and helping people deal with grief as a positive force to create a bespoke funeral for their loved ones has now become my passion and calling.




A little about Green Fuse

Green Fuse work with funeral services to train funeral professionals, particularly celebrants, and ensure a high standard of funeral is always given. They are renowned for their compassionate approach, encouraging celebrants to work closely with families to create meaningful and personal funerals. Furthermore, they provide ongoing support, enabling celebrants to remain part of a supportive community and remain confident, professional celebrants at all times. Being Green Fuse trained and independent means the funeral service can be completely non-religious or include some religious or spiritual content e.g., prayers or readings.

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Why choose Woven Words?

Cardiff funeral services that help find solace like waves lapping on the shore.

My aim and approach is firstly to make you feel comfortable and at ease and then work with you to make your loved-one’s funeral service as personal, meaningful and truthful to the essence of their being as possible. My background in law means I will always remain a professional steady presence and that I am able to compose an accurate and nuanced service.  My background in the Arts and the Theatre helps me to deliver an engaging service and to work with you to create a heartfelt and handcrafted homage to your loved-one.