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An Independent Funeral Celebrant In Cardiff

Funeral Celebrant in Cardiff - Woven Words is Green Fuse certified.



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For A Heartfelt & Reflective Funeral Tribute

Woven Words is about creating a service that reflects the life and personality of your loved one. You can decide how much or how little you wish to be involved in the creation of the service, and on the day of the funeral itself, and whether you would like this tribute to be collaborative or mostly your own or my own words. As a funeral celebrant in Cardiff, I am available for funerals in South Wales, and further afield.

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Pippa Farrington – Independent funeral celebrant in Cardiff

After being involved in the creation of and then attending a funeral with an excellent funeral celebrant and witnessing first-hand the difference it made to the funeral, and how it connected with the family and friends of the deceased, I realised I too could and wanted to make a difference to people in their time of need. I trained with Green Fuse and allied this to my background in law and the theatre, this enables me to write and speak with compassion and truth about a person’s life, their values, beliefs and personality.

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What can a funeral celebrant add to my loved one’s funeral?

An Independent Funeral Celebrant offers freedom of choice, as we can officiate at funeral services with or without religious content.

I can help you to personalise the service so that it reflects and represents the true essence of your loved one.

If you would like assistance selecting music, poetry, hymns or prayers, I am here to help and listen:

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Speaking at the funeral

Public speaking can be difficult at the best of times. In the context of a funeral, speaking about a loved-one can be especially daunting. I am here to help with this. If you want to speak, I will support you prior to and during the service. However, if you prefer me to deliver the entire service, I will ensure that I do so with great care and will remain true to your vision of what you want for your loved one.

Writing for the funeral

On the other hand, you may want assistance with writing a fitting tribute to your loved-one. I can help with this too if you wish.  Alternatively, by listening to you speak about your loved one and hearing anecdotes and stories from friends and family I can weave together words, music and tributes to create a funeral service to honour and celebrate their life, values and personality.

Selecting media

From poems to music to bible readings, finding the right tone and the right piece that will reflect your loved one’s values and beliefs is something I am trained to help with.




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I will guide you through the process

As a professional funeral celebrant in Cardiff I will support you and help you from the point of initial contact, remaining a steady presence as we create the service and throughout the funeral service itself:

  • I will meet with you and listen as you share your memories and stories about your loved one
  • I will listen to what you want for your loved ones
  • You can choose to include hymns or prayers, or keep the ceremony non-religious
  • You can include poetry, music, or readings that are meaningful to you and to your loved one
  • You can decide how much or how little you want to be involved in the creation of the service and on the day of the funeral

You can find out more about how my funeral celebrant service works here, at my Youtube channel.




If you are looking for a professional, independent funeral celebrant in Cardiff, get in touch for a free no obligation quote, on 07788 998658.

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